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About K2 Physical Therapy

Our Philosophy, What Makes Us Different?

After over a decade in the field, I realized there was an opportunity to provide excellent care to the community, without the challenges that come with a corporate machine. K2 Physical Therapy was founded with the idea to take the best aspects of a small practice, like a personal connection and lifelong relationships; and combine that with the benefits of a large practice, like flexible scheduling and removal of barriers to care. Our only mission is to help you achieve your goals. “Your search for a physical therapy provider is over."

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Message from the Founder

Our Core Values


Treat honestly and principled


Get Results


Provide care and support to all


Strive to be the best at what you do


Work together with teammates and patients


Be mindful, responsible, and own your actions

Meet The Team

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Brendan Kirk
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Your search for a physical therapy provider is over.